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The Best Selection Of Outstanding Cartomizer Flavors Available Anywhere

One of the first things that peaked my interest in Vapor4Life and their 2-piece electronic cigarette offerings, which include their flagship e-cig model the Vapor King Ultimate and a wide selection of 'cartomizer' refills for the unit - which come in 2 main varieties, premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers, with a 3rd and much smaller selection of VG based carts. Being a big fan of VG I was happy to see the addition, even if I can report after trying about 'half the shop' quite literally they aren't the ones to write home about.

It was the WOW Vapor Cartomizers I had heard good rumblings about, and seen some convincing web video clips that definitely merited extra investigation. I wanted to find out if it was just hype as many things turn out to by in this industry or whether there indeed is something magical about these WOW refills.

The WOW Vapor Cartomizers Had To Have Something Different Going For Them, But I Was A Bt Skeptical

Frankly I have tried loads of cartomizers from different vendors and don't get me wrong, as a general rule of thumb they are great! I've been impressed with their ability to crank out great volumes of vapor and last for ages since day one. It was my generally good yet consistent experience with most 2-piece e-cigarettes and their cartomizer refills that both peeked my interest yet wasn't truly expecting much of a difference other than a fancy name. I mean at a measly 55 cents more (that's 11 cents per unit in case your counting) these WOW Vapor Cartomizers - which sell for $10.50 per 5 pack,

Many popular electronic cigarette models now use this 2-piece system and I personally consider it to be one of the most significant advancements (amongst many) to emerge in the vaping world over the last couple of years. For those unfamiliar with the concept of what is now commonly referred to as a 'cartomizer,' the term refers to a truly convenient form of e-cigarette refills which combine a new atomizer, along with a significant volume of e liquid, into one convenient sealed unit that takes literally a second to replace by simply screwing it only the end of the e-cig battery.

Cartomizers Are Cartomizers, Right?

I should note that being the e-cig nut that I am, I have loads of various e-cig batteries all over the place (some even ordered direct from asian manufacturers back when I was considering starting my own supply company). One of the most popular original 2-piece e-cigs was the generic version of the KR808D/KR808D-1. I was curious if vapor4life's carts would work with the fairly standard male battery threading, which the KR808 series shared with the also hugely popular DSE901 (for anyone as geeky about their love of vaping knowledge as I am). I have tested vapor4life's Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers with them and indeed they do work, though I find that in addition to better battery life, the draw and airflow is improved significantly when using these cartomizers with genuine Vapor King Ultimate batteries. These factors lead to better performance of the cartomizer itself and create a much more substantial quality of vapor production.

Back To That "WOW" Over Selection And Choice - There is No Denying A BIG GIGANTIC WOW In That Department

What first got me excited was the sheer variety and selection of refill cartomizers available from vapor4life. Where many popular products on the market today sell a predictable range of maybe 10-20 different e liquid flavors if you are lucky. And while I feel probably the best known example at this moment of a widely known and well regarded 2-piece e-cigarette is Green Smoke, and I don't disagree the unit itself performs well, but the whopping 8 refills flavors ranging from the obligatory 2 Tobacco Variations, a Menthol, a Coffee, a Chocolate and to me the 2 most "lowest common denominator" fruit choices - Apple and Strawberry. While some other brands expand the number by maybe double that, for me one of the absolute most satisfying things about vaping is the range of flavor! It is a huge part for me at any rate of what makes vaping not just a good tobacco alternative, but way better than cigarettes every were.

Vapor4Life Offer What I Consider REAL Flavor (and To My Surprise Color) Selection In Their Premium And WOW Vapor Cartomizers, And Then Some

When you first browse their cartomizer refill pages you think you must have hit the wrong link and are browsing an incredibly well stocked bottled e-liquid supplier. Or more likely flavor concentrates to make your own (a fun past time by the way!) but no, when you realize there are over 150 different cartomizer refills on offer between the Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizer Pages! A startlingly large variety that I am confident enough to say must be the largest of any supplier out there.

Yes, I confirmed and they do have Green Smoke's available Strawberry, Apple, Menthol (a number of different ones however), Coffee (but also Caramel Mocha Frappa, Irish Cream, Vanilla Mocha Frappa, WOW Cappuccino, WOW Espresso), Chocolate (but would you prefer Regular Chocolate, WOW Chaco Caramel Peanut, WOW Chaco Banana, Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate Raspberry.... I think you are likely beginning to get the idea!).

From Fruits and Berries, Sodas to Liquors, Candies To Cloves, and of course a truly spectacular assortment of tobacco flavors of every sort. There are familiar brand of tobacco type mimicing (which taste surprisingly realistic) such as Kamel, Dunhall, French Pipe and Cuban CIgar, Kant, Hilton, 555 (you can even buy tobacco shop sampler 1 or 2, each containing an assortment of 5 tobacco flavors) and I stopped in my tracks when I noticed they have RY4 cartomizers, those obsessed with the mythical Ruyan 4 as I am understand my reaction I am sure. But after experiencing just about every one I have to agree with Vapor4Life's own assertion that their very own Wowboy WOW Vapor Tobacco Cartomizers are the crowning achievement and safe bet at bliss for all tobacco vapers out there.

And get this - every single flavor has its own unique coloring! The WOWnana-24 that I am puffing away on right now (which is usefully labelled as such, as are all, a great little touch that is very practical) for instance is a bright yellow - not to be confused with the awesome WOW Banana Choco-18 (a vivid light yellow/green with dark brown band) while the scrumptious WOW Vapor Peach Cobbler-11 is a light pink with a stylish slim dark orange band. Amazingly this continues across the whole range. When combined with the crazy color and even pattern selections available with the Vapor King Batteries especially and cases as well, someone style conscious in a creatively fun and funky will notice the wonderfully playful color combinations that inevitably results and evolve over time. Some might find this nothing more than a practical sort of color coding system, to me and I suspect a great deal of others this makes for a truly unique offering that I find really appealing and sets the Vapor4Life products apart from the competition in yet another nice way.

One last item not to be missed falling into the same category concerning wide selection and personal preferences is that all of the Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers come in an astounding number of nicotine strength varieties, 7 to be exact (0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg all the way up to 36mg). Again compare that to Green Smoke's offerings, which are 4 (0mg through 18mg).

When Compared To The Cartomizer Selections Offered By Other Suppliers, Vapor4Life Frankly And Undeniably Puts Them All To Shame! Even Still Selection Is One Thing, Performing Feats Of Extraordinarily High Quality Vapor And Volume Are Quite Another

It didn't take long after receiving a significant subset of Vapor4Life's significant selection of Cartomizers through my front door - along with a full range of brand new Vapor King battery sizes and types (manual, automatic and passthrough) - before I realized there really truly was something special about these premium WOW Vapor Cartomizers. I'll fully admit the first couple primer drags on most carts didn't instantaneously impress (nor did they disappoint) but I honestly didn't notice much difference on the first drag or two from the many cartomizers I have used in the past.

But very quickly I started experience vapor unlike anything I had experienced from a cartomizer, let alone an e-cigarette this tiny! Literally plumes of the stuff but not just quantity but quality - I am a heavy vaper, I'll be the first to admit that. And often I lean towards the higher nicotine rungs which in this case meant 24mg. I used to mostly vape 36mg e liquid but I take it as a positive sign that I prefer 18mg or 24mg most of the time these days. But that first one (and a personal favorite of mine in any form) was one of the already mentioned WOWnana-24mg Banana cartomizer, and it still tasted great!

I've often had the disappointment in higher nicotine level cartomizers and bottled e-liquids too for that matter (though I now buy from a few carefully chosen over time - see evaporizing's top e liquid suppliers). I haven't found a reliable pre-filled cartomizer reseller until Vapor4Life (I could leave that statement at period as there are so many ways in which it is true) but specifically I am talking about cartomizers with anything above about 12mg, max 16mg and beyond the flavor simply is too diluted out such that sometimes there is practically none distinguishable, or what is there is so unrecognizable (and usually not very nice tasting) that I end up tossing it.

I got a range of nicotine strengths however in this massive sampling collection which I am still working my way through (over 120 cartomizers in all) and settled very happily at the 11mg and 18mg, which indicates that vapor4life isn't cheaping out on their nicotine inclusion, nor their flavorings. The place all too many suppliers seem to be generous in is dilluents (ie. PG or VG - the stuff that is more or less water!) which means your generally get a longer lasting, more satisfying cart for your money. To be clear I am mostly talking about the WOW Vapor Cartomizers specifically here - again it is not that the Premium are bad, they are just more in line performance wise with most others on the market. However there are many flavors you would have to fill your own cartomizers with to enjoy that are available as premium and they are indeed a solid and very value priced option.

But for the mere pennies extra, the WOW Vapor Cartomizers really are in a different league. Even after finally resolving that Vapor4LIfe wasn't full of a bunch of marketing hype and nothing else, I was left wondering just what made the difference. I personally have been tinkering with almost identical looking ones for years, refilling them and taking them apart out of curiosity. In doing so with the WOW Carts (which you can buy empty to fill with your own nicotine mixes and e juice) I didn't see anything particularly different in their appearance. I am happy to report they have nice, easily removable rubbery top caps as opposed to early versions which were hard plastic and sometimes even glued shut. The inner tube surrounding the wire is of a high quality material which allows for very satisfying reuse quite a few times for each cartomizer once they run out if you are so inclined.

That is all great stuff I am happy to report - but why were these WOW vapor performing so much better than the others? Even other with these nicer new materials in their construction as well?

I decided to go to the source and finally shot off an email to Vapor4Life to put the question to them. The answer I got back made perfect sense, and honestly made me feel silly for not having suspected the performance boost's prime culprit sooner. The answer it turns out is one of those vaping advances to become incredibly popular this over the last year and which I feel was one of those leaps to everyday vaping that made as much of an impact as the introduction of cartomizers had not long earlier.

If you are a mutual fan of both 2 and 3 piece electronic cigarette technology as I am you are very likely to have heard of or experienced the popularization of so called LR or Low Resistance atomizers. Though typically LR atomizers have a shorter lifetime than regular ones, they simulate a higher voltage vaping experience as the heating element that turns the e liquid into the vapor you inhale have a lower ohm rating, this means the voltage is able to heat up the coil quicker and more intensely.

To Quote Vapor4Life on the WOW Cartomizer Performance:"The WOW Cartomizers are actually low resistance cartomizers. On a standard voltage battery they heat up quicker and provide warmer, fuller vapor. Also the pre-filled WOW cartomizers have what we call "WOW" Liquid which provides a more dense vapor that made us say "wow" when we first tried it."

Whether you are particularly interested or not about the technical side of what makes e-cigarette technology work, you are sure to appreciate the effects of Low Resistance atomizer technology present in Vapor4Life's outstanding WOW Vapor LR Cartomizers! Combined With The excellent Vapor King Ultimate and the huge selection of awesome WOW Vapor Refill flavors available I am tremendously impressed with V4L's offerings and notably bargain priced electronic cigarettes and starter kits (they represent one of the best values on the market). And once you have a Vapor King Starter Kit, whichever you decide is right for you I can now definitely tell you for certain that it wouldn't be complete without a regular supply of the clearly superior WOW Vapor Cartomizers! The combination is simply superb.

Make sure to bookmark so you can easily save an additional 5% off your order every time you stock up no matter how large or small a purchase.