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Vapor4Life electronic smoking products have a great reputation - as their flagship model the 'Original Vapor King' sets the standard for high quality 2-piece Electronic Cigarette Models and continues to push it further with their fantastic updated Vapor King Ultimate and the series of incredibly value priced E Cigarette Starter Kits they sell. With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide Vapor4Life has earned the lower return rate of any e-smoking supplier.So discover just what makes their customers so pleased and save some money while doing it with Vapor4Life Coupon It's as easy as bookmarking this page and clicking that big green button above to be redirected to the supplier's online shop with coupon pre-applied every time you order.

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Vapor King E-cigarettes Seem Just Like Actual Cigarettes.

It looks exactly like a cigarette (unless you don't want it to, in which case you can go crazy with loads of fun color choices) and even mimics being lit when you puff on it. Vapor King electronic cigarettes are portable and battery operated; they are rechargeable and provide you with nicotine through a vapor that mimics smoke. Making use of a cartomizer (which is both a refill cartridge and an atomizer), the Vapor King will heat its nicotine eLiquid rapidly in order to create a fully inhalable vapor that mimics the experience of smoking despite being water-based.

Unlike Real Cigarettes The Vapor King Electronic Cigarette Lacks The Thosands Of Nasty And Poisonous Chemicals Produced When Burning (Smoking) Tobacco, Is Carbon Monoxide Free, And In Addition, Tar Free.

The Vapor King electronic cigarette provides amazing satisfaction as a replacement for the original article. This eCig is available in a huge selection of flavors and can be customized to suit the user's taste. Unlike other comparative models, Vapor4life's proprietary "WOW cartomizer" refills produce vast amounts of gratifying vapor. Vapor4Life offers a large selection of variations of the Vapor King. The electronic cigarette is available in many colors and styles to provide enjoyment for all preferences.

Not Only Does The Vapor King Electric Cigarette Not Give Off Any Offensive Odor To By Standers, But They Are Also Completely Free From Second Hand Smoke!

Unlike a regular cigarette, the Vapor King electronic cigarette does not make smoke. Rather than making smoke the Vapor King vaporizes a liquid formula known as eLiquid through an inhalable vapor. The smoky substance in the vapor doesn't have any tar, carbon monoxide or most of the chemicals contained in actual cigarettes, but it has nicotine the same way real smoke does.

vapor4life's Vapor King electric cigarettes produce a quickly dissipating, almost odor free vapor, so you will no longer smell like a smoker. In fact, your belongings, your car, your home, and everything about you will be free of the awful smell of cigarette smoke. Above all, using Vapor King electric cigarettes will free your family, friends, and pets of the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Switching To Vapor King Will Save You Money!

Believe it or not, but the Vapor King e-cigarette allows you to save thousands of dollars on the cost of traditional cigarettes. In fact, most smokers begin to see a 75-percent savings when they switch from traditional tobacco to the e-cig.

The Vapor King E-cigarette Can Be Smoked Just About Anyplace You Like!

Vapor King electronic cigarettes offer smokers an alternative to all of the hassles they face because of the smell and smoke created by ordinary cigarettes. Vapor King cigarettes produce no smoke and very little smell. Many businesses are embracing the idea of electronic cigarettes. As a result you can 'smoke' (or more correctly 'vape' in electronic smoking lingo) just about anywhere, often at work even.

Electronic Cigarettes Let You Choose What Nicotine Strength You Wish, And Even What Flavor.

A tobacco cigarette that allows you to pick your own nicotine strength is not available. However each individual Vapor King electronic cigarette cartridge gives you the choice of the amount of nicotine you will be using. Cartomizers are available in various nicotine strengths and also we have cartridges without any nicotine. If you want to switch strength or flavors the only thing you need to do is put in a different cartomizer, without any mess or problem there isn't anything as convenient. The vapor cigarette is the way to do it.

Vapor King Electronic Cigarette Means There Will Be No Bad Breath Or Stained Teeth, As Well As No Ashtrays, Lighters Or Butts Kicking Around.

Because it eliminates the actual smoke, many of the typical drawbacks of smoking don't apply to Vapor King. That stale cigarette smell permeating your clothing, stained teeth, and smoker's breath, all unavoidable with old style cigarettes, no longer apply. Those disgusting butts and ugly ash trays are a thing of the past, and the only things you'll need a lighter for are candles and camp fires. With the e-cig, there's no need for that annoying smoking paraphernalia.